Others about GUIDED*

Susanne Kapeller
Vienna Tourist Board
"GUIDED is very clearly laid out, and the shops featured are real insider tips. Especially the combination with gastro recommendations is a great idea. Visually and in terms of content, GUIDED is very appealing."
"Hello GUIDED! Wonderful - what an incredibly stylish booklet I found in my mailbox! THANK YOU!
I love that it's so small and yet contains so much - all clearly laid out and easily accessible. It puts you in a good mood right away. And looking at all the beautiful things in it just makes you happy. Well done!"
Laura Günther
"Thanks to your share, I became aware of GUIDED VIENNA's website and was not disappointed. In fact, I was immediately taken with the concept of the lovingly compiled city guide, which is published anew every year".
Pamela Iyer
"I recently spent a weekend in Vienna and was delighted to receive a copy of your City Guide for Fashion & Design, which I found very useful as I am from London/Dublin. As I didn't have much time in Vienna, I found your recommendations very good as I always try to find local designers when I travel. I loved that the guide is so clearly laid out and supports local designers.
I wish you all the best and look forward to your next edition and my next trip to Vienna.
Christoph Menke
"We used to live in the 7th district in Burggasse - 1997. Then we moved to the 4th district, because apart from a lot of stone and a few pubs, the 7th district didn't really have anything to offer, let alone nice shops. For 8 years I wandered through the 6th, 7th and 8th districts at least twice a year to discover some nice shops. But there were maybe 3-4 shops, and that was all. So I gave up and shopped in other cities, until I suddenly realised 3 years ago that things had changed in this respect and are still changing. I am all the more grateful now for your wonderful guide to Vienna. Thanks to your guide, I can now resume my exploratory tours in a targeted manner.