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City explorer from the very beginning. During my exchange year in Berlin, I rummaged through countless city magazines and flyers to discover the hidden places of the city. Out of that, back in Vienna, I wanted to bring out a compact booklet for my new hometown Vienna. Where are the nice little design stores, where are the most exciting craft studios, where can you find special fashion and furniture and special jewelry that you can't buy everywhere? GUIDED brings the solution. Be it in the printed version or digitally with GUIDED you are well on your way and have a great shopping overview of the city in no time.


GUIDED, the printed version of the design shopping guide, has been around since 2012. Always accompanied by a digital version, of course. With GUIDED in your pocket or GUIDED on your cell phone, you can find the unique designer stores & studios in Vienna. You are guided through the districts from A-Z and get a good overview of what's going on in terms of design in the city and online.

Who is GUIDED for?

  • You want to discover the city individually and are not a fan of mass-produced goods?
  • You enjoy design shopping, but don't want to have what everyone else has.
  • You like small owner-operated stores and are not a fan of the big chains. You like to support local designers.
  • You are interested in special design online stores and are looking forward to discovering new things?
  • You want to discover the city individually and save a lot of time with GUIDED, because we have selected the
    best routes for you.
Then GUIDED is the right place for you! GUIDED leads you to the small and partly hidden stores of this city and leads you to special online stores. You will exchange ideas with design:ins, learn about Vienna and support the diversity of the city & promote local design.
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Self-praise stinks. Therefore, I prefer to let others speak for me or GUIDED. Again and again I receive nice letters, which I do not want to withhold from you. Customer feedback, recommendation marketing or whatever. I am happy about any kind of feedback.

Do you also have something to say to me: I would love to: hello@guided-shopping.at

Lore Sander
Habari Design Store
As a small business owner, you have to invest your advertising budget as efficiently as possible. I have been working successfully with GUIDED VIENNA, the Vienna Design Shopping Guide, for five years now and am very satisfied with the professional handling. Tina Haslinger is a complete professional. I particularly appreciate her quick reaction to my wishes and her creative ideas, in which she always enters into new cooperations with institutions such as hotels, event organisers, cafés, concept stores, etc.. She takes care of your customers and also makes them more visible in social media. This makes my advertisement more effective. My recommendation!
FOOTSTEPS is already a real fixed star in Tina Haslinger's GUIDED. The little booklet is always well received by our customers as a small give-away and is happily discovered at our cash desk when there is a new issue. It's not just tourists who appreciate the nice guide, in which I also like to give other store and culinary tips and mark them on the practical maps or explain how best to get there. Our Viennese customers also enjoy browsing through it and discovering new insider tips or new additions. I think it's great that there is a guide that directs people to small, mostly owner-managed stores and creates a network, giving the "pay local" concept such a great platform. Thank you Tina, also for the always beautiful graphic realization, we remain loyal to you!
Sandra Nalepka
When Tina approached me in 2012 shortly after the opening of my shop for Scandinavian vintage design and asked me if I wanted to be represented in GUIDED Vienna, I found the booklet so appealing and crisp that I immediately said yes - I have been a part of it ever since, and very much so. I feel well looked after, the graphic presentation is successful and clear every year. There are always great shops and places presented, where people offer selected products far away from the masses with creative shop concepts, and I am very happy to be a part of it. The booklets stand out because of their high quality, passers-by and customers like to take them home, and - not unimportantly - they always lead someone to my shop.
Teresa Scheicher
I am very happy that I know Tina! She is very well connected in the creative industries, helpful and always has an open ear. Thanks to her, there are often unexpected new opportunities for collaborations that more than pay off for my business! :)
Jutta Pregenzer
I am always part of GUIDED Vienna, the design shopping guide. I think GUIDED is a great promotional tool because there is no other like it for Vienna! The guide is available in all shops and in the important, stylish hotels and is distributed at trade fairs. I always find the cooperation with Tina Haslinger very uncomplicated, appreciative and inspiring. Since GUIDED is also active on all social media channels, the shops always find a place in the posts there, too.
Doris Ackerl
Since 2017 I am part of GUIDED Vienna, the coolest design shopping guide in Vienna.GUIDED has brought more visibility and customer traffic to my shop. Thanks to its appealing format and the many shopping tips, it is very popular with my customers. Working with the GUIDED team is very uncomplicated and you feel very cared for and well looked after.

Media data & press

For stores that would like to be GUIDED, for press with design sense, go here to the media data page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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