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💃 GUIDED in a new look

The GUIDED newsletter will now be published fortnightly with a new look!

Everything else has stayed the same - I'm Tina and I'm happy that you're here and that I can support you with my personal tips on creative shopping, unusual places to eat, great cultural events and much more.

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It's getting closer - Mother's Day. The day on which mothers are given a well-deserved celebration. Have you already baked a cake in your mind or are you still looking for a nice little something for your mother?

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Is it the cold weather or is the mood in the city on DIY right now? Exciting workshops are popping up everywhere - last month alone I went screen printing twice, to a flower wreath workshop once and finally completed a tufting project 🤩. Once again, I've created lots of creative things - what could be better?

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🕵️‍♂️Poppige Fashion for bold men-Suits were yesterday


Men often complain when it comes to shopping. There's nothing original, shopping is boring... I want to convince you of the opposite today and have picked out the finest men's stores with individual ranges for you. In most cases, women will also be happy there - let yourself be surprised.

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💐Creative spring awakening with GUIDED 24/25


You, my dear readers, are always the first to know. I'm currently putting together the new print guide - and what can I say - there are some really great designers at the start again, who make it fun to rediscover things in Vienna.

Today I would like to introduce you to my first highlights - in June the new GUIDED 24/25 will be released in full splendor and abundance:

Until then, I'll keep you up to date with exclusive previews.

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No, not the Easter eggs - the nice little things that you like to look for now and then perhaps put in the nest.

We searched in various corners of the city and discovered some fun & colorful things for you, apart from dyed eggs and chocolate stuff.

Go on a city excursion with me:

This time we had quite a ride around the city from the 2nd district, to the 7th, then to the 9th - and finally a little breather in the wonderful online store of THE GOOD LIFE.

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That should actually be the motto of the year😍. International Women's Day on March 8 puts women back in the spotlight. That's a good thing, we think. That's why I've chosen a few women from the GUIDED cosmos who are making a difference in Vienna. When I think about it, almost every GUIDED newsletter is a women's power newsletter - surely 80% of GUIDED stores are run by women.

🍾 So let's raise our glasses together and celebrate Women's Day together.

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🌶️ BUDAPEST Citytrip


Fancy a weekend trip to Budapest?

Today my newsletter takes us to BUDAPEST. We go to ruin bars, vintage stores, eat the best Baumstriezel and find nice individual spots that are worth a visit.
The castle district, I won't describe the classic sights separately - you can find them without me 😊.

Budapest a mixture of old Paris & old Vienna.

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💐 Valentine's newsletter

🙋‍♀️ Hello - is anyone there?

Some are skiing or taking a little break with their children - after all, it's the semester break in Vienna - while others are enjoying the sun and wind, plenty of free parking spaces and a great cultural program in the city.

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✨Exciting city excursion


Now it's time to waltz again - so put on your chic ball gown and suit.

I wandered through the city for you again in search of the latest highlights and, as always, discovered some beautiful things. I found wonderful ball gowns, dance shoes that are designed in Vienna and made in Spain, I saw some things through rose-tinted spectacles and ended up in a cozy café on the outer Mariahilferstraße.

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I hope you've had a good start to the new year. You have been able to relax a little and are full of energy with new resolutions and wishes, which I hope you will all achieve. On the one hand, the year is starting really cold, which makes it all the more exciting that the color of the year is anything but cold this year. The soft pink-orange shimmering shade "PEACH FUZZ" has been chosen as this year's COLOR OF THE YEAR.

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Gifts finale & competition


It's not long until Christmas Eve. Until you can marvel at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with your loved ones and present them with carefully selected gifts.

Here I would like to provide you with the latest tips that are waiting for you or a new owner in the beautiful little stores and design studios.

Found for you - unfortunately not in the snow: Hopefully that will come again soon.

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The GUIDED-X-MAS Gift Guide23

Amazon doesn't need support-these stores do

❄️ Despite the beautiful Winter Wonderland, which couldn't be more beautiful, I would like to launch a small or large appeal today and ask for your help.

It breaks my heart to see the increasing number of store closures. Last week there were around 7! Dedicated store owners and designers who put their heart and soul, a lot of energy and self-sacrifice into their stores and studios every day - and then it just doesn't work out anymore.

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It's getting dark - let's shine

It's getting dark - let's shine

It's getting colder and colder, it's getting darker and darker. What can you need? Glowing fashion by Monika Wallner at Pregenzer for example, and a good punch in a cozy, but somewhat hidden, princely atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Of course 🎁 it will now also slowly be about beautiful Christmas decorations, away from the humble straw star, about small, fine, self-produced products from our local design scene and much more that isn't run-of-the-mill and doesn't scream Black Friday.

And finally, I have a brand new restaurant discovery for you in the 18th, which an Italian architect told me about. And Architect & Italy lives up to its promise.

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Wrap up warm for art & culture

🧤WARM PACKING for art & culture

Autumn is here with everything that goes with it. A fresh breeze, swirling leaves, beautiful foliage colors and dark evenings. But the city has already dressed itself up with glitter balls and fairy lights and is already putting us in a cozy mood for the coming Christmas season. To make sure the evenings don't stay quite so gloomy, I've put together lots of exciting shopping and cultural tips for you - and yes, carnival is starting too - and I know where to find the best doughnuts.

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🍁 Viennese autumn discoveries


The Christmas baubles are already hung, the Christmas calendars already fill the supermarket shelves. Soon comes "Last Christmas" - it can not take long:)

Definitely time to stock up on warm cozy sweaters, hats, decent outdoor shoes, etc.

Then I discovered a super cozy café in the 13th district - the Café Reiter, which can definitely be called an insider tip. More about this later.

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Let's celebrate with culinary & design

NOW IT'S getting miserable, or is it?

A good magazine, a hot cup of tea and a cozy knitted sweater. Now we make ourselves quite cozy at home. When we're not being lured out by the current incredibly dense art and design program in the city: from a cozy Afternoon Tea to a Designers Talk to the big design birthday party of BLICKFANG at MAK.

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Discover design in the city


Design autumn here we come. There's a lot going on in the city again.

There is a birthday celebration in the 6th, a store in the 7th, expanded by a new concept, and art & design highlights as far as the eye can see.

I have summarized my personal highlights for you.

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Are you ready for fall?

🍂 Are you ready for autumn?

I still not quite - although the summer this year was really long. The leaves are falling, and the increasing chill that is supposedly coming in today also has its good side. A cozy afternoon coffee in one of our nice stores, or the one or other art or design event beckons.

Also the designers in their stores & studios are back in town and have come up with beautiful things for you.

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Summer extension in Madrid

Some are still lying on the beach, the others are already looking forward to the gingerbread in the supermarket - we are in the "summer is over" - "school start" - phase, which is often not so funny, so I would like to travel with you again mentally to beautiful Spain. I present you here my newly discovered for me city MADRID , with everything that goes with it: "HOLA MADRID".

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There is no summer hole here

Hello you returned vacationers and other Vienna explorers!

I was also briefly away and have sea & sun refueled. Back in Vienna, I'm glad that you can now enjoy the summer again in our city to the fullest, was yes briefly times summer break:)

What there is everything NEW to discover read in the article!

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Summer, sun, swimwear

There's a lot going on in Kettenbrückengasse right now. One great store pops up next to the other. There is the Salon Verdewhich will make the eyes of plant lovers shine from 16.6.

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Hot tips for Vienna

‍Schoolis almost over, the Heurigen tempt you to sit outside in the vineyards, the rooftop terrace bars that have taken the aperitif scene to the next level entice you with breathtaking views from the Giant Ferris Wheel to St. Stephen's Cathedral.

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Summer in Vienna - could not be more beautiful

Hello all you lovely people at home like me. We make it really nice in the city. We have known for a long time that Vienna is the most livable city and enjoy the summer in the city to the fullest.

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Here you will always find the latest news in terms of design shopping, local and event tips. Every 14 days I summarize the most important things for you in my newsletters. A must-read for all design & craft fans.

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