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Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17




Designforum Steiermark

The designforum Steiermark at Andreas-Hofer-Platz in Graz is operated by Creative Industries Styria and is a presentation platform for design, which in cooperation with the design forums in Austria, networks design services regionally and internationally. It sees itself as an urban centre for dialogue, competence and mediation that communicates all facets of design in various forms. communicated in different forms. A central task is to sensitise the public to the value of design and to create an awareness of it. The aesthetic aspect alone does not play the decisive role, rather it is about the economic and social relevance of design. This comprehensive dimension of design is prepared and presented in an easily accessible way. In addition to exhibitions, the programme of the designforum Steiermark also includes panel discussions, symposia, lectures and workshops.

Cultural institution

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